Meet the Manager – Charles

I’d like to introduce you all to a brand new segment I will be writing here on Validus’ News & Blogs section of the website. Through this segment, I will be given the exclusive opportunity to poke, pry and prod at our lovely Community Managers, divining their secrets and releasing them to you all with a neat little bow. 

The brainchild of Charles himself, the idea behind this segment is to give you all the opportunity to learn a little more about the people and personalities running our little online gathering. Once every two weeks, a Manager will be interviewed and the transcript will be chucked up for you all to enjoy. 

For our first installment, it is only proper to run the man with the plan through his creation. Charles was extremely enthusiastic to be the first host of Meet the Manager“Does this mean I’m the first Meet the Manager? Dope. Time to bring the standard down” – and was, for all intents and purposes, a lovely person to interview. 

Without further delay, here’s a little look into Charles.

How long have you been with the community?

“It’s like, 2 years now?”

Been here quite a while, then. Do you remember who invited you?

“Lucky actually invited me through, took him three weeks. Joined in 2017 I think. I joined for the Siege team, and I played in that for around three or four months. I went back to university and took on the role of the PS4 community manager. I still occasionally play in the PS4 team, though I mainly focus on more of a managerial role on the team.”

As a player yourself, did you have any favourite operators or play-styles?

“Yeah. I’d say Hibana, she brings the right amount of utility and guns to the scene. I think I’ve got my most hours with her.

Lesion is my go to on defense, I just find him the right amount of annoying and he’s got a decent enough gun and pistol combo.

But I’m happy to jump on any op. Whatever a team feels they’re missing.”

I’ve noticed that you were taking requests for Validus logo flags. Do you create all of the graphics for the community?

“Sadly yes 😉 it’s a very thankless job, hint hint Kev.

No, it’s good fun. Most of the flags run on a nice little template so they don’t need lots of tweaking. Things like banners and stuff take longer. Kev’s a bit of a perfectionist even when he’s wrong. ;)”

I’m probably not the first to tell you that they look fantastic. Do you make your living through graphics design?

Only on the side. I do friend’s YouTube and social media banners but that’s free depending if I like you.

My actual job is as a design engineer.

And you would definitely be the first aha.

Ah, I see – and that’s pretty surprising considering everyone uses them lol.

Have you got a favourite drink on a night out?

Now we are asking the questions everyone wants to know! I’d say the usual vodka coke, double obviously. Though for more light drinking I’ll be on the ale or cider. The type of stuff your dad drinks

But if anyone wants to buy me a Christmas present, Crystal Head Vodka is my go to 😉

That’s a very good answer, that is.

What’s your go-to food after you get a few of those down you?

“Man if we don’t end up on a managers night out after these questions I’ll be disappointed beyond belief aha.

If I’m cooking it’s nothing. One too many accidents with pizzas and ovens at uni for my liking. Don’t drink excessively and then cook and pass out kids. My housemates did that like three times just a black mess and a bit of smoke for your trouble.

But it’s definitely pizza. Easier to eat and unlike a kebab if you somehow save some for the morning it doesn’t make you regret your life choices when you eat it for breakfast”

I’m sure something could be arranged, provided the interviewer is well-accommodated. 😉

Have you any goals or ambitions, either for yourself or the community, that you’d like to share?

“You know it’s not going well when you have to think about that more than your favourite drink on a night out aha.

Ah yeah. That’s a toughy. If I’m honest I’m happy with where I’m at now in life.

Being a millionaire would be pretty dope. But realistically I’m more of a stable job, no stress, do what I feel kinda person.

Running a business is to much stress for me. Maybe one day I’ll partner with someone, but that’s a long way ahead.

I have a selection of classic cars and bikes I’d like to own aha and I’ve been planning a trip across America that’ll one day come to fruition. But yeah, I’m just taking life as it goes right now”

Is there anything you’d like to say to the community as a whole?

Is this where I get all wholesome?

You can if you like. I could ask again once you’ve had a few drinks in you if it makes it easier. :p

Hilariously I don’t actually drink a lot.

Which is funny as I started drink Siege here.

That sounds like something we need to do more often.

Buy a PS4 and you can join. 😉

Um. To the community. I’d say fuck you all, no kidding. 

I’d say, this is my notice of resignation it’s been fun. Catch you on the flip side.

Can I just do this? Say shit that i wouldn’t say? 

Alright no but on a serious note – which is rare from me – I’d like to say; thanks to everyone here. You guys are what make this community, I’m surprised I’ve done this as long as I have with my life’s been all over the place these last few years, but most days are a pleasure to be apart of this community.

To all the players on PS4 you’re all terrible people, but it’s been a pleasure meeting you guys and I look forward to getting games with all of you – whenever I can get on of course. 

If people have read this far – which I’m expecting half of you to have finished after the first question – I’d like to just remind everyone of the importance of mental help and talking to people. If you ever feel in a shitty place in life reach out and talk to someone. Ignore the stigma of looking weak or anything it’s bollocks. Took me to long to realise that.

Anyway enough of the serious shit, enjoy your games and if you see me in chat feel free to call me a cunt.

Oh and huge shout out to Ronan. This was like being on Jimmy Kimmel, but you know, average Joe edition.

P.s. if anyone calls me bud in a message I will just ignore you, this is a formal warning to all. 

Also you’ll notice I say dope a lot. It started off me taking the piss and saying it to annoy my younger family. Now it’s part of my day to day vocabulary and I hate myself every time I say it. So that’s dope.