Validus adds to the Starcraft 2 Roster!

We welcome Justin to fight along side “SolarChris” our current Starcraft 2 player, they have played a long side each other for a while now and seemed the right fit for the organisation.

Here is a bit about Justin:
“My name is Luxa, I’m a new streamer trying to build a name for myself and my friends. i mainly stream Siege , Starcraft , and indie games for fun and chill gaming sessions with my irl and online friends. I’m 18 and would enjoy playing competitively to represent something i can be passionate about. Irl I’m a Vet Tech for a local animal hospital and i garden , growing food for my family especially during times like these. I also play the guitar and game dev myself trying to always have something to do. Well that’s all there is about me.”

We wish him all the best and look forward to seeing what he can do!

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