Validus moves back into Esports with Rainbow Siege 6 and Starcraft 2

BIG THINGS! This past week has been a busy week for some of us at Validus as we venture into the world of Esports – again and streaming.

In the past few weeks, we’ve been talking to teams and streamers we are happy to announce the start of a new era for us! So without further ado, we’d like to welcome:

Our new Siege EU Esports PC team headed by Ardistop,
Our competitive EU StarCraft 2 player; SolarChris
And our newest addition to our stream team: MortalMartin

We are looking forward to working with all of them, and seeing what they can achieve!

Keep your eyes peeled for some links to their streams and games and as always if you want to keep up with everything Validus make sure to join our discord at, or follow our Twitter and Instagram at @TValidus & @team_validus respectively.

We slid into their DMs to find out what they had to say;

Ardistop – “As far as our team goes we are fairly new, but we are all dedicated and willing to put in the time needed to grow, this growth has been hard without any sort of management or support, which is exactly what we found at Validus. They have given us something to strive for, and in return, we will try our very best to give them as many titles as possible”

SolarChris – “I’ve been thinking about getting into Esports for some time and give some thought into this decision about joining Team Validus and representing them in StarCraft II and with the new year in mind and a new team, I hope I can perform well and excel. Bringing me and them along”

Once again we look forward to seeing what they can do and give them our full support as they get into it.

If you are interested in seeing what opportunities lie waiting for you or, you and your team, drop us a DM on our social media, or DM Kevlar#0001 on discord!

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